Here is the various staff of VTW

Show HostsEdit

Octale, Hordak, Docdead, Gnomewise, Iolite, Gwenora, Grail, Daksa, Emperor1G, Highlander1G, Natural20, YorkshireTea, Mdominick, GoheX, FalseAlmighty, Hiko, Railvas, Kexman, AlmightyFarseer, Xai, Bazaleel (MasterQueef).

IRCreps and/or ModeratorsEdit

Pusser, Barryva, Nunleft (Emperor's Court), Shawncaster (Emergency rep), Vaulisel (General Discussion), Midnight (The Big Screen), Valrick (Art and Photography), Grebog (Internet Radio and Podcasting),

TheWanderingBard (Play by Post)

Forum ChampionEdit



Bazeleel, Hatch, Themanofwickm, Vespere.



Art DirectorEdit

Mistress of Giggles (MoG)

Art TeamEdit

Archenum Flaric Harpalyce Koj Lerali Majeef Spotty Valrick

Audio TeamEdit

Cathadora DeusEx Eid GoheX Grebog Hallo Illyrian Kevin Midnight Red Dog Dragon Shawncaster Thain ursiheil Vespere

Minister of PropagandaEdit


Casually Hardcore Research TeamEdit

Bobafettish Cupcheck DeusEx Eid Epiclurker Fangz Marlurker sacullien Shawncaster Nunleft

The World Strikes Back Research TeamEdit


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